Our Target






Per Household

Area of Focus

We focus on giving support to those who can’t afford to provide for themselves or take extra precautions to help keep them safe from what has been labelled ‘the worst public health crisis for a generation'.

We have a database of 497,000 individuals from 150,000 households in all 20 LGAs  and 37 LCDAs in Lagos, mapped with objective criteria as the poorest members of society ready to be supported. In addition, we also have the database of the thousands of persons living with disabilities in all LGAs and LCDAs. These members of society who are the hardest hit both by the COVID-19 pandemic and the response need support for essential food items and personal hygiene products.

  Low Income Households

Low income households, including daily paid informal sector workers who have lost their livelihood and aged pensioners in lower grade levels.

   Widows and Single Mothers

Widows, single mothers and female-headed households  with earnings of less than N18,000/month.


Persons living with disabilities and are finding it extremely difficult to support themselves and are hardest hit by the outbreak.

10 Reasons to Support the COVID-19 Fund

Your Support Will Help:

Transparency and Accountability

Direct transfer of N7,500.00 to the bank account or mobile wallet of every beneficiary, except where this is not possible and we have to deliver relief food packages. This removes the hassles of buying products in bulk and spending donations on logistics, vehicles for distribution, storage and security. There will be transparency and accountability as donor funds will mainly go directly to people in need.

   Our Commitment

We are committed to transparency and integrity in the way the COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Fund is managed and utilised

   Keeping Donors Informed

We have designed an information media plan with our partners to manage information on our progress and impact

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